About Us

nba比分直播及数据 An Excellent Group for Sourcing All Textile & Homewares Requirements 

JHT Group specializing in supplying the most innovative Domestic Home Textiles have consistently provided homewares products to a worldwide market.

Founded in 1995, the JHT Group has experienced substantial growth that has been generated by having a strong market knowledge that is reflected in offering a vast scope in innovative design and product differentiation. Our primary market focus is in products that range from ready-made bedding products, soft furnishings, window furnishings, nursery and apparel, to home décor lighting, kitchenware & general housewares.

The JHT Group has generated a strong professional manufacturing capability that is enhanced by both market knowledge, innovative design, technical know-how, hi-tech manufacturing and an efficient logistics supply chain management. We believe that by concentrating on these essential key areas, that we comply with the highest world standard manufacturing strength that offers the perfect blend of comfort, durability and style products which not only meets, but surpasses, the most stringent requirements of customers and international quality standards, that will continue to impress for many years into the future.

With over 1000 staff and approximately 65,000 square metres undercover operation that houses one of the world's most automated manufacturing facilities and an inherent commitment to the use of state-of-the-art technology, the JHT Group’s dynamic team will ensure that all customer requirements are fulfilled. The close working relationship with our international customers, ensures that we fulfill this commitment.

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